Golden cross on gold, death cross on DXY

FX_IDC:XAUUSD   골드 스팟 / 미국 달러
Last week was substantial for both gold and the DXY . Gold was able to close above it's 100EMA, and above the key psychological level of 1220, and DXY closed below the key psychological level of 100, and it's 100 EMA . This will prove to be bullish for gold , and bearish for the DXY .

Looking at the 5 and 100EMA for both gold and DXY , we can see that gold's 5 is looking to cross through above the 100EMA (golden cross), and DXY's 100 is crossing through above it's 5EMA (death cross).

If these EMA trading patterns hold true, we should see a continued bull run for gold , and a continued bear run for DXY .

5EMA - Orange
50EMA - Green
100EMA - Red
코멘트: Looks like we're getting the golden cross on gold, however the death cross on DXY was rejected, so I will be watching the DXY closely, and will be making a new idea at the end of the day.


GeorgeJimas TheBanker
@TheBanker, Are you going to offer any input?
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