USD perceived strength vs real strength

OANDA:USDJPY   미국 달러 / 일본 엔
It has always surprised me how USD kept performing regardless the many UJ seasonality signals.

At closer inspection it looks like USD is piggybacking CAD and JPY when compared with my custom RSC. See the RSC references in the related Ideas section below or simply browse to the script tab of my profile page.

At this moment USD has arrived at a point where it will reach CAD maximum capacity for further strength lifting and I expect that real USD strength will become visible as soon as CAD reverses down.

Time will tell if its fate is inevitable as I often have claimed in public many time before. What goes up must come down. This time a little harder than usual I predict..
액티브 트레이드: For the 7 major pairs this translates as follows:
UJ, UC and USDCHF are for sale.
GU, EU, AU, NU are to buy.
코멘트: Real strength to be exposes shortly..

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