Common TradingView Mistakes and Friendly Tips

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In this video idea, I share some common mistakes I see people make when looking at and interpreting strategies and indicators on TradingView that may impact their profitability when trading. I also share some helpful tips on how to avoid falling for other people's mistakes by getting sucked into public strategies that seem too good to be true, and also how to use some of the more undervalued features on TradingView to help improve your experience.
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Great video! It's nice to see some of the critically important concepts about strategies explained so well. Kudos.
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Concerning entry locations on candles, I often set process_orders_on_close = true. Just for a little better visual to allow me to see the entry on the Close of the candle instead of the Open on the next Candle. It just helps me visualize it a little better.

A couple of things I haven't been able to get to work the way I want are the following two parameters:

I think they might be able to be used to enter/exit a position sooner, but I've had unwanted results so far. The most common issue is that my signals get triggered multiple times - which can cost money if there is an exchange fee. For example, it will trigger a Open Long, then a Close Long, then a Open Long, then a Close Long... all several times on the same bar as the price moves up and down...

Great video, by the way! You are the #1 reason and resource that helped me learn Pine. Awesome work!
Great video, do you have any vide to trigger the real trade? Like a simple buy and sell order?
if (rsi<=lowerrsi and inDateRange)
strategy.entry("BuyOS", strategy.long)
if (close_Overbought == true and inDateRange)
if rsi>=upperrsi

I am doing some simple script too.
How do I make my script trigger the real bug/sell?
dlsteelejr silvermerlion
@silvermerlion, It depends on where you want the trade to execute. I send my signals to 3Commas and have a strategy script that sends signals there if that helps.
good work