[BUY NOW] SNTBTC Ready to moon! (i.e. hit the rock bottom)

earl_junekim 업데이트됨   
BITTREX:SNTBTC   Status Network Token / Bitcoin
SNTBTC has hit the bottom with a big potential in the build. The long-time HODLer's would have to wait for just a little longer, but for now we have nowhere to go but moon at this point.
액티브 트레이드: The upward potential must have been bigger than I thought. Easily broke the previous high then it it the 1700~1800 resistance line. Falling back down with a good support area in 1300~1400. Still in a fairly good buy zone at the moment, but a rather safe buy zone will be within the 1300~1350 range. TTM!

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