[BUY NOW] SNTBTC Ready to moon! (i.e. hit the rock bottom)

BITTREX:SNTBTC   Status Network Token / Bitcoin
SNTBTC has hit the bottom with a big potential in the build. The long-time HODLer's would have to wait for just a little longer, but for now we have nowhere to go but moon at this point.
액티브 트레이드: The upward potential must have been bigger than I thought. Easily broke the previous high then it it the 1700~1800 resistance line. Falling back down with a good support area in 1300~1400. Still in a fairly good buy zone at the moment, but a rather safe buy zone will be within the 1300~1350 range. TTM!


Keep your HODL and TTM!
Please do write in Korean or at least in both Korean and English if you want.
Otherwise, your ideas might get hidden so that no one except you can see on the TV homepage.
@ehaerim, wasn't aware the ideas are separated by language, thank your for your comment!
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