Upside potential for Rusell 2000 Index from Past Performance

RUSSELL:RUT   러셀 2000 인덱스
Recovery in U.S. show up slower than expecting, seeing from Jobless Claim report increased to 276,000 against analysis forecast median of 263,250 jobs which is a greater numbers than Feb 2016 report. However the incremental is still below 300,000 which is an acceptable rate. Counting from Jackson Hole Fed's meeting last week statement was given clear of timeline of interest rate increase in year 2017 which will be monitored every quarter and rate holding in Apr to June 2016 sending U.S. dollar index down towards end of statement. This resulting of sending stock market upwards DJIA approaching last height where it went before collapsing last round of trading. NASDAQ index has been booming upwards slope as well leaving where Biotech index laggard.

The Russell 2000 Index follows the trend if you look at the graph presenting from year 2000 to year 2016 highest record, at the moment of trading today vs last height giving 16.38% upside for trading area but why Russell 2000 index would recovery better than DJIA or those big caps. It is because the small caps index has more volatility and potential of company growth better than big caps. The company are new to the market seeing high potential of expanding market share and it normally not reacting plunged from market sentiment.
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