Ok, it wasnt a Cypher, was a Butterfly and still is a Butterfly

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By march 27 in my EXy my forecast was a Cypher , but it really was a Butterfly . Anyway during last impulse EXY just found the 0.38 fibo retracement, so whats next? Of course will be going for the 0.61 fibo retracement. Probably first we will find some correction, but is enevitable to arrive to the bottom of the pink gross line.

For this trade or EP will be below 1.26900 SL .27430 TP1 first our .618 fibo retracement or 1.25240 and TP2 .78 fibo retracement or 1.23100 .
액티브 트레이드: Here is your EP
거래청산: 스탑 닿음: This is why I dont trade during fundamentals


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