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Hi Guys, this looks like a nice buy if it breakout
GBPUSD is in a corrective structure and i am expecting one more move up.

Trade with care
Thank you for your support.

코멘트: EURGBP has a similar structure , posting here so as not to spam the site with too many charts.
코멘트: Going good !!
코멘트: EURGBP sell setup.


anil your analysis always amazing.
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I think breakout done now. I am right??
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doma873 doctornader
Yep it broken.. loos promising so far
but the main question is where is your sl? :D
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Looks good Anil.
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Hi Anil just wondering if you are still in the trade.
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Gbprider SilverioSan
FORGET 1.2480 this week down trend
Some update plz !
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thank you anilmangal it is 1.18 :))
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limits placed :)
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