Help noob trader! I saw two short positon opportunites

Hi,I'm noob trader! I saw two short positon opportunites but I want to enter with lower risk.

This is factom. It breaks it's bullish trendline and enters convergence phase.
Once it makes head and shoulder pattern, I think there's a short position opportunity.
But I think first one is too risky to get a short because lower points are keep going up.

So, if it breaks its neckline, just keep watch until it retests it's resistance down trend line .
Then enters short position.

Gosu traders! Would you help me to figure out which point is safer to enter?
Thanks in advance.


왼쪽 어깨인 0.00626 부근을 저항으로 방금 치솟다가 멈춘거 같군요.
ianereht ducksjc
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