EURUSD Bearish Confirmed and Sell the pull back

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EURUSD has broken Uptrend line

this is a confirmation of the Bearish Trend .

So we can sell the retest now.
Look the yellow Box , that is the potentail
Selling Area.

Remeber in my previes view: we short EUR
from 1.1230, thats very good profit, isnt it.

My long term target is 1.0637.

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Hi Jack.
Is this trade opportunity still valid for short??
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ahmetnmsl DavidoffTGS
1.09 good place to take profit? Thanks.
tntsunrise ahmetnmsl
well if u have short position u can take partial profit
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ahmetnmsl tntsunrise
Thanks Jack
You said : So we can sell the retest now.
=> I don't understand "sell the retest". What do you exactly mean by this?
Hi. What are your thoughts on this?

Question: USDOLLAR is at the top, do you expect it break the trend line, so that Euro can be shorted against Dollar?
DXY is not at the top. the top is 100
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