EUR.USD - Daily Outlook

FX:EURUSD   유로 / 미국 달러
The EUR.USD is one pair on my watchlist into this evening / tomorrow.

As yet I am unsure if we will be looking long on the bounce of 1.0550 as i am awaiting more confirmation on the lower TF's

I will be updating this post on the 1hr and 4hr TF if we can an entry.
코멘트: Price closed as a low test candle at 1.0550
I am now awaiting confirmation on the 1hr and 4hr TF.
코멘트: We are now starting to see confirmation on the 4hr TF I will be setting a pending order into Monday.
코멘트: After price failed to accelerate off the 1.0550 level i am now looking short into next week.

코멘트: 15min chart outlook.

코멘트: 4hr Trade update.



Why u'r heading "SHORT" when u are looking for upside move..... just a mistake maybe.... ?
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@skrotkalle, Your correct, it must have clicked the short button, my apologies.
@UnknownUnicorn180388 Hi Tom this is a nice setup! Thanks! Will jump in on this one when it's active!
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@Hendrik1810, Thank you.
Great to hear :-)
TIme for a comeback. Agree with this.
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@RoboCash, lets see how it all plays out into London
U r the best trader
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@Crashed, Thank you very much :-)
arif_awan Crashed
Hey, so its good to sell EU on 1.079? TP1 1.07 TP2 1.061 ?
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