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I recorded my EOS analysis on the chart.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.
액티브 트레이드: EOS/BTC charts are basically box trading.

In other words, EOS is currently breaking the long-term downward trend line, and the chart starts to raise its head.

In other words, it shows a trend shift, and it is thought that the upward trend will begin in the future.

A very positive sign...It's just starting to rise from the bottom.

MACD has also just begun to show Golden Cross. So looking at this, you think it's a good idea to incorporate EOS into the long-term portfolio.
액티브 트레이드:
추세선 지켜주고 있습니다. 지켜주기만 하면 긍정적인 모습이 기대되네요 :)
거래청산: 스탑 닿음:

아휴.......스캠 이오스.....

또 하락 추세선 밑으로 빠졌네요...일단 당분간 관망하겠습니다.

일단 현재 물량만 들고 있고, 추가 매입은 멈출 예정입니다.

개인적으로 "이오스"는 정말 난이도가 매우 높은 코인이네요...