Get out of DASH. Nasty rising wedge on DASHUSD

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No reason at all to be long on this coin. Huge rising wedge on falling volume . DASHBTC does not exhibit such a clear pattern.

It does have the potential to break to the upside (~$400-500, doubletop DASHBTC @0.125), but I think the risk vs. reward for that outcome is very poor.

With either resolution, we will see $50 tested in the next 2-6 months as the market unwinds.

See my idea below about the bubble before it even happened.
코멘트: Higher lows on the daily now. Much less bearish; needs to break below this series of higher lows to confirm downtrend.

Much undecided right now. Crypto markets are in the balance.

코멘트: Hmm. Dumped to $120, now back where we started.

Crypto, you wild.
코멘트: Wow, still rising... Welp, I think this tried to resolve and rejected. I'd consider this idea failed if it rises much above 240-250.

Crypto, you wild 2.0
코멘트: Rekt.

That's all.


Careful, rising wedges often break upwards in crypto. BTC just had one.
From July 21 to August 1 is the big trst.
Enhancement321 Enhancement321
@Enhancement321, I meant test. ;-)
Good analysis.
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