BTC Investors: Do not Chase High! AB=CD Target Hit

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BTC Investors: Do not Chase High!
AB=CD Target Hit

If you have long position from 10k or even lower
now you should consider take some profit
and let the rest position run.
Price May pull back to 13k-14k
Why you need to take this pull back
into consideration ?
Because there is nothing you can do to
forbid those people who bought at lower price
to take profit!!
if there insufficient money flow in to support
the current price, and more people want book
their profit , price will fall back to 14k again.
So be patient, dont chase high限时特惠)
抖音官方号: 胖杰克说交易


The dynamics and economic benefits of crypto out way the risk. There is a coiling of bitcoin prominent and this will lead to an explosion of price and value. Do not agree with a partial sell at this time as the risk to reward is still in favor of holding positions. Any dip would be an opportunity to buy more IMHO.
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dschofield TradingForArab

I took half of my position off the table last week. I am cautiously watching.
TradingForArab dschofield
@dschofield, good money managment :)
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The forecast is still up to date????
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wonderful explanation
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Yeah good idea guys, go ahead and take your profits. 😉
excellent advise, agree