Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2018: Golden Ratio

Red trend lines are important.
Most important 0.618 Fibonacci level!

In next month we might break 0.786 Fibonacci level (6000$) and come with V shaped bottom at 0.618 Fibonacci (4800$) to make a jump into new rally with possible final target at 1.618 Fibonacci (12230$)

액티브 트레이드: short term target 6320
코멘트: My post of Wyckoff before it was mainstream :D

액티브 트레이드: Wait for 5950
거래청산: 타겟 닿음:
액티브 트레이드: Check RSI break Triangle in Downward direction!
액티브 트레이드: Price Break Resistance Line:

Candlesticks shows Bullish Engulfing:
액티브 트레이드
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@fayyad, This chart is beautiful I could NOT ignore the profound artistic value. It is GORGEOUS. I gave it an AGREE strictly for the hard work you vested into the work, Fayyad
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fayyad TradeClass
@TradeClass, thanx man for ur support

If I bought @ 6400 , do you think it is wise to cut losses now and buy lower ?

I am in 350$ loss
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Kurd0w MagdyEl-Nidany
@MagdyEl-Nidany, Follow capital management!
For now just enter with 25% of your total investment portofolio! When we at fibi 61.8 you can add 40% of whats left of your capital!

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ibarba MagdyEl-Nidany
@MagdyEl-Nidany, just buy more lower. do not cut losses on btc. long term = gains = win!!
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ArShevelev MagdyEl-Nidany
@MagdyEl-Nidany, Previous comment pretty good, so try to learn while you have time
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TradeClass MagdyEl-Nidany
@MagdyEl-Nidany, I would hate to give you bad advice. So allow me to explain MY THINKING. If your capital trapped as COIN at a higher level is a majority of your trading funds, then it MIGHT make sense to cut them loose so you have more capital to trade at a lower level. Mind you, if you have a lot of liquid funds still available, it might be a bad move to take the loss. This is because the loss would be for nothing if the price does NOT fall more.

Thus is the nature of gambling with cyrpto trades.

I have my own rule of 20/80 when trading.

I have to be 75% percent (or more) sure that a price will hit a target before I do or do NOT do a trade. (75% is within a standard deviation of 80.. hence the rule of 20/80)
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You are the King of Flip Flops. lol.
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So no more champagne and hookers? They will have to wait for the spring which has not yet completed after all?

- I'm ok with this, just this chart is a bit of a 180 from your previous one. Care to explain the change of heart?
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