박스권 매매 일요일

E : 8
S : 7.8
액티브 트레이드
코멘트: absorption of supply between 8-8.2 range for further SoS.
참고자료 :
액티브 트레이드: T1 : 8162
코멘트: Stop up to 8050 for breakeven
액티브 트레이드: Stop 70% up to 8100
매매 수동청산: 70% stopped in profit at 8100

Entry : 8084
액티브 트레이드: Market buy 8087
코멘트: T1: 8127 50%
T2: 8160 30%
코멘트: Ladder buy under 8084 to 8055

Stop under 8030
코멘트: demand zone
코멘트: daily

코멘트: monthly

코멘트: monthly
코멘트: trading range for next 2-3month after confirmation of trend.

액티브 트레이드: 70% stop moved up to 8095

T1 : 8127 (50%)
T2 : 8160 (30%)
매매 수동청산: 70% Stop cut in profit.
30% remains for target.
코멘트: Trading range with coffee :)

코멘트: E : 8040ish
코멘트: E2 : 8080
액티브 트레이드: E2 : filled
코멘트: it shows this price lange might be temporarily bottom in today under 45 min chart.

코멘트: Target up over 82xx with tight profit cut
코멘트: consolidation phase is great place to stack up with tight stop.
safe trade would be over B.O level which is 8.3k
액티브 트레이드: E1 moved up to 8090 for stack up
코멘트: golden area for today.

액티브 트레이드: E1 filled
코멘트: T1 : 8140ish
Stop will move up after touch that short term resistance
코멘트: T1 : above 8130 ( 10% with 14x lev )
Re E : under 8125 ( 14x Lev )
매매 수동청산: 50% filled
매매 수동청산: 30% Cut in profit 8130
액티브 트레이드: 10% stop up to 8125
매매 수동청산: 10% cut in profit 8144
코멘트: Entry: accumulate under 8100 to 8030
Stop : 7950
코멘트: those entry based on 30min chart

액티브 트레이드: All order filled
코멘트: target 8205 , if it breaks 8128 ish
코멘트: bigger timeframe , possible flag forming, 1day cmf about to hit resistance.
코멘트: Target remains , watchin market how it react on 8.2-8.3
코멘트: Trading above 7900ish is very good
15 hours to go new candle

코멘트: golden area for short term
코멘트: failed descending triangle could out perform.
if it happens bottom of patten will be 7980 ish

im cutting my loss , and buyin back if it goes down

코멘트: cross above 8160 and support, this pattern fails.
액티브 트레이드: Cut in profit (20%) : 8120
코멘트: cross above 8160 and support, this pattern fails. (its false)
upward above 8160 and find support around 8130 then this pattern confirm.
코멘트: Sometimes, when a pattern fails, it can be a good thing. A pattern failure will force holders on one side of a trade to immediately reconsider. A descending triangle is a bearish pattern but occasionally, it will fail. This will force short covering and a great time to add longs at the same time. I like to get in on the breakout on confirmation.
코멘트: 때로는 패턴이 실패하면 좋은 것일 수 있습니다. 패턴이 실패하면 거래의 한쪽에있는 보유자가 즉시 재고해야합니다. 내림차순 삼각형은 약세 패턴이지만 때때로 실패합니다. 이것은 짧은 취재와 동시에 긴 시간을 더할 수있는 좋은 시간입니다. 나는 확인에 브레이크 아웃에 참여하고 싶습니다.
코멘트: cmf break resistance, next one forms 9pm KT

코멘트: volume in yellow box was unlikely occurred from buyers.

코멘트: moving my stop to avoid long/short liquidation. 스캠빔
코멘트: not very sure if it is breakout and finding a support, but seems likely it is.

코멘트: retest zone

코멘트: 45 min candle just closed, we are still under resistance.
코멘트: on the track, waiting for 9pm candle

액티브 트레이드: T : 8.7k ish
코멘트: The myths about chart pattern (don’t fall for it)

The trend is your friend :)
코멘트: fuel for both side is ready
코멘트: last 45min candle was inverted hammer

코멘트: 4 hour cmf retesting resistance, 15 min left to open new 4 hour candle stick.
코멘트: Stop at 8016
if stop hit, entry will be under 8k.
코멘트: new 4hour candle started,
watching market to avoid liquidation action, and stop loss/profit.

코멘트: 12hours to go new weekly candle.
closing under 8.1 would make another bear market.

코멘트: Kraken exchange showin most btc volume in their recent history
코멘트: 40% of position stop move up to 8110

코멘트: timeline adjust, stop moved up. waiting for break out or hitting my stop in profit.

코멘트: sold 40% in profit.
looking to add more stack on 8060-8040
매매 수동청산: another 40% sold in profit 8133
20% remains.
entry made under 8060.
will cancel all orders if we close under 8.1 by 9am tmr.
20% increse
액티브 트레이드: 8130 retest? Stacking up orders with tight stop
액티브 트레이드: orders filled with market buy, i believe this is retest of break.
tight stop will be needed.

코멘트: 30min, another candle start in 16min.
i am watching if it stays on b.o level

코멘트: Volume: As the pattern develops, volume usually contracts. When the downside break occurs, there would ideally be an expansion of volume for confirmation. While volume confirmation is preferred, it is not always necessary.
코멘트: Volume: As the pattern develops, volume usually contracts. When the downside(upside) break occurs, there would ideally be an expansion of volume for confirmation. While volume confirmation is preferred, it is not always necessary.
코멘트: Return to Breakout: A basic tenet of technical analysis is that broken support turns into resistance and vice versa. When the horizontal support line of the descending triangle is broken, it turns into resistance. Sometimes there will be a return to this newfound resistance level before the down move begins in earnest.
코멘트: The Limitations of Using a Descending Triangle
The limitation of triangles is the potential for a false breakdown(up). There are even situations where the trend lines will need to be redrawn as the price action breaks out in the opposite direction - no chart pattern is perfect. If a breakdown(up) doesn't occur, the stock could rebound to re-test the upper(under) trend line resistance(support) before making another move lower(higher) to re-test lower(higher) trend line support(resistance) levels. The more times that the price touches the support and resistance levels, the more reliable the chart pattern.

next candle please
dot line has been resistance since june.
are we going in to bull market ?
or back to bear market ?
LTC has been leading indicator for market
거래청산: 스탑 닿음: 50% stop loss. 50% remains
코멘트: 50% T : 8.7ish

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