OBV Crossroads with Bullish RSI

OBV is at a major intersection here. RSI is bullish. We could also go down and touch the rsi support again. But I doubt it only because we only just touched it on the 10th. If we have a failed rally here, I fully expect a dump down to $590 or so. It might be a slow one so that RSI doesn't fall too far too fast. I really don't know why we haven't fallen after crossing the longterm support trendline, but maybe we're just waiting for a respectable high before we drop down. After a bull run, I expect our first stop to be about $650 only because that has been the top for a while now.

I'm already long @ $620 but I'm fully prepared to change it to a short if we move past $615.

BTW: BTC-China just had a big buy of about 400btc. Not real important but could be an indicator for a whale that doesn't want to alert the rest of the market because he wants to buy more.