180704 GREEEEEEEEEED feat. highest leverage at bitmex

Today is my birthday :)

I am now top author in Korean tradingview, and just made very funny announcement.
If BTC price exactly follows main chart in this posting , I will put short order w/100x leverage at the 90% retrace :D

anw back to the current situation,

Now I put some long order around yellow box


1. strong support level in 4hr chart
2. If we are on the impulse wave from $5,755, it cannot go lower than (1) which is $6,341
3. we already went deep in wave (2), so wave (4) could be 0.381 fib
4. it is near ema 50 in 4hr chart
5. current market is really shaking so, want to get away easily if $6,300 is crushed.

Entry : $6,355 -
Stop Loss : $6,281-
1st target point : $6,471
2nd target point : $6,639
Max leverage : 5x

There could be some forced rejection in 90% level, so I would highly recommend you to close most of you position $6,600+ (now it is so risky)


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