[Red Apple] "Repeated pattern "_ BTC/USD _ 18.07.28

If someone used harmonic pattern in previous briefing, now, may take 3~4% profit.
if you want to read only for 'repeated pattern', go '4.Etc.'.
Let's start the analysis for BTC /USD chart.

If you are busy, you can just read below briefly
'1. Briefing '
'5. Summary and Strategy' and '4. Etc.' either in this briefing.
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1. Briefing
# Re-entering trend-line
# Bullish Engulfing Candle
# Repeated pattern??

2. Daily Chart
1) Trend
Re-entering trend-line

2) Candle
Bullish Engulfing Candle that i mentioned in previous briefing

3) EMA
20EMA(red) is rushing to 100EMA(orange)

3. 4H Chart
1) Trend
Same as Daily Chart

2) EMA
Candle penetrated 20EMA upward, again.

3) Pattern
rebound from 1st Defense Line
Completed Gartley pattern and now symmetrical pattern is formed.

4) Elliott Waves
Wave 5?

5) Fibonacci
resisted at 0.786

4. Etc.
So far, there is 'repeated pattern' in BTC chart. As you see in blue box,
Repeated pattern : 1. Double Top -> 2. Lower low -> 3. breakout short or middle term trend-line -> 4. Double Top -> 5. Lower low
at first, check 'purple line -> blue line -> pink line'. all lines are same pattern and went downward. The reason why i introduce is ,at the moment, '4. Double Top' phase is processing. It means it can go bottom to complete 'Repeated Pattern'. To break this pattern, the price should be higher than previous high point.
Carefully think about this and Trade.

5. Strategy and Summary
a. About previous briefing : Fortunately, traders are not recognized it as Bearish Flag and rebound from 1st Defense Line. if you buy BTC in prz of Gartley pattern , you can take 3~4% profit. as i say above, previous high point is quite close. so taking profit and waiting until new high point will smart trading method i guess.
Also if you take strategy as conservative trader, you may buy when BTC retest trend line after breakout. Then, may take 1.5 ~ 2.5 % profit.
b. About this briefing :
For Aggressive trader : trade when symmetrical triangle is broken.
For Conservative trader : trade when the price mark higher than previous.
-> Do not forget "4.Etc. Repeated Pattern".

Trade safely and make your standards

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Also, if found something special, i will comment in real time.
코멘트: Still move inside of triangle. even it drops , it can be supported trend line. let see more candles.
코멘트: Check accumulated volume.
코멘트: BTC is almost stopped. At this moment, BTC candle is just below short term down-trend line(or upper line of triangle) and just over 20EMA on 4H chart and long term up-trend line. i guess there will be some movement soon. Concentrate on the direction of movement.
This briefing is till here.
Thanks :)


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