BTCUSD Touched resistance line of triangle and did not break this line. Now we going to the support line of triangle. The triangle is not a definite figure and the break out can be in either direction up or down. In candle analysis I see Bearish Engulfing . Stochastic RSI - overbought

Some reasoning

This upward movement that occurred over the last month was associated with HYPE with ETF . Consideration moved to September.
While BTC did move up, all the altcoins are relatively bitcoin fall. The Alts will continue to update the lows, relatively BTC but relatively dollar, they did not drop heavily in the price.
Why do I think that bitcoin will go even lower?
At the market new big players must come in. They play in long, and for them is the most important thing is entry point to the market. They will buy any crypto for dollars. To make even more lower price of alts in the dollar, bitcoin should fall further for purchase of alts at the bottom. On this I think we are still waiting for the continuation of this downward movement.
코멘트: Intresiting situation we are touched reisistance line


It’s not a triangle,no more.This is a wedge for god sake.
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@Peymana71, lol
Perfect prediction, wow.
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Where were you at 5700? Oh yeah, calling for 5k and lower. Sorry man..the bulls are back
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Probably we can see the next dip between 13 sep and 16 Sep. Here is why
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crosshawk21 taylor.ranny
@taylor.ranny, Totally agree
Really impressive!
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Dont you think that the main trendline changed its steepness since 08/2015? To be more specific - I think the steepness of the trendline changed around march 2017. In my opinion we will touch the new trendline and bounce back from it - what are your thoughts on that:

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