New Pine Updates - Line.get_price(), label styles and much more

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This video idea covers some of the big updates added to Pine and TradingView over the last several days. Most importantly, I show you how to use the following new features:

- line.get_price() - a function used to get the price of a line object on the chart at a specific bar value
- label styles - how to use the new styles added into Pine for your labels

I also discuss some other new features such as:

- label tooltips
- the addition of Candlestick patterns as built-in indicators on the platform
- syminfo.basecurrency
- timezone parameter when getting a bar's time

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it's clear Thanks Bigbits!

It's possible to creat an Fib speed resistance fan from this lane by adding more lines and using Fib retracement ?
I have been trying but it's seem that the code is not starting as I want...
Pine script is ok, but has a lot of limitations as you probably already know.